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Artos: BBA #2

Artos – otherwise known as Greek Celebration Bread. There are 3 variations in BBA, I did the Christopsomos version (adding raisins, cranberries, and toasted walnuts to the dough) but did a braided loaf rather than the rounded ‘cross’ loaf shape. I love the look of braided breads!

Artos: Greek Celebration Bread

Artos: Greek Celebration Bread

This was a delicious load of bread. In fact, I made another one the next weekend for an Easter Brunch. Sweet, tender, wonderful hint of lemon essence. Very good. The only drawback is that the glaze, which made the loaf beautifully shiny, also made it a bit sticky. Minor quibbles!

This was my first braided loaf. It turned out much bigger than I thought. I need to work on tapering it better, but I am quite pleased with it!



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