My name is Penny, and I live in the New England region of the US (northeast area). This blog is about my current fascination with bread. I’ve made bread off and on for let’s say 30 years, but never really got into the details of it. I have a bread machine, which is handy, but not what this current exploration is about.

I may use the bread machine or the Kitchen Aid for some mixing, but the majority of the breads here are mixed by hand. I will note if I used some ‘mechanical aids’!

Amongst other things, I am doing the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge (making every recipe in the book titled Bread Baker’s Apprentice (wow, what a surprise!) by Peter Reinhart.

I have some back entries to fill up, but I’ll do that over time. I started the blog as a way to more permanently record progress, lessons learned, etc. Plus, I needed a way to learn WordPress, so it was a perfect opportunity! So the blog is definitely a work in progress. There will likely be significant changes as I figure out how to do things better, etc.

Oh – and the Grendel Monster is my beagle. She is gone now, but she is forever my Grendel Monster. Doesn’t have anything to do with bread, but one cannot live on bread alone!


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