"Making a loaf of bread combines science, art, and craft!"

BBA Challenge

The BBA Challenge is based on The Bread Baker’s Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread by Peter Reinhart. The Challenge is to bake every recipe in the book (43 different breads) in order. This Challenge was the brainchild of Nicole at the PinchMySalt blog.

Bread Baker's Apprentice

Bread Baker’s Apprentice

The original Challenge started in 2009, but various late-comers (like me) are starting it as we’ve learned about this marvelous book and all it has to offer.

The key to the Challenge for me is the rule about baking the breads in order. This takes all the hemming and hawing out of the equation. No decisions about “Do I want to make that bread?” Or, “I want to make my favorite xyz bread. I’ll get to the others later.” As we all know, later rarely arrives. So by doing all the breads in order, they relative preferences are no longer part of the equation, and we really do get to all the breads!

OK, that said, sometimes circumstances are such that some liberties are taken with the order. For example, the “Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire” is our regular sandwich bread at the moment. So I make that every couple of weeks. Other breads have been needed for social events, etc. Plus, I made a few different recipes before I learned of the Challenge, and I haven’t decided yet if I will re-make those or not.

So that is the BBA Challenge!


The Breads Included in the Challenge

Below is a list of the breads to be made in the BBA Challenge. The breads are basically in alphabetical order. As I do each of them, I will include a link to the applicable Blog post (hopefully!) And yes, I lifted this list directly from Nicole’s list on her PinchMySalt blog. I could have re-typed the whole thing, but she already did all the hard work!

  1. Anadama Bread pp. 108-110
  2. Artos: Greek Celebration Breads (choose one variation) pp. 111-114
  3. Bagels pp.115-122
  4. Brioche (choose one variation) pp. 123-128
  5. Casatiello pp.129-132
  6. Challah pp. 133-134
  7. Ciabatta (choose one variation) pp. 135-142
  8. Cinnamon Buns and Sticky Buns pp. 143-146
  9. Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread pp. 147-149
  10. Corn Bread pp. 151-153
  11. Cranberry-Walnut Celebration Bread pp. 154-156
  12. English Muffins pp. 157-158
  13. Focaccia (choose one variation) pp. 159-167
  14. French Bread pp. 168-171
  15. Italian Bread pp. 172-174
  16. Kaiser Rolls pp. 175-177
  17. Lavash Crackers pp. 178-180
  18. Light Wheat Bread pp. 181-182
  19. Marbled Rye Bread pp. 183-186
  20. Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire pp. 187-189
  21. Pain à l’Ancienne pp. 191-194
  22. Pain de Campagne pp. 195-197
  23. Pane Siciliano pp. 198-201
  24. Panettone pp. 202-206
  25. Pizza Napoletano  pp. 207-212
  26. Poolish Baguettes  pp. 213-214
  27. Portuguese Sweet Bread  pp. 215-218
  28. Potato Rosemary Bread  pp. 219-221
  29. Pugliese  pp.222-225
  30. Basic Sourdough Bread  pp. 233-235
  31. New York Deli Rye  pp. 236-238
  32. 100% Sourdough Rye Bread  pp. 239-241
  33. Poilane-Style Miche  pp. 242-245
  34. Pumpernickel Bread  pp. 246-248
  35. Sunflower Seed Rye  pp. 249-251
  36. Stollen  pp. 252-256
  37. Swedish Rye (Limpa)  pp. 257-258
  38. Tuscan Bread  pp. 259-260
  39. Vienna Bread  pp. 261-264
  40. White Breads (choose one variation)  pp. 265-269
  41. Whole-Wheat Bread  pp. 270-272
  42. Potato, Cheddar, and Chive Torpedoes  pp. 278-280
  43. Roasted Onion and Asiago Miche  pp. 281-283


My name is Penny, and I live in the New England region of the US (northeast area). This blog is about my current fascination with bread. I’ve made bread off and on for let’s say 30 years, but never really got into the details of it. I have a bread machine, which is handy, but not what this current exploration is about.

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